High Growth

High growth businesses with an alternative approach to finance: 3 April

High growth businesses with an alternative approach to finance, 3 April

Brighton Chamber’s next event in the series for High Growth businesses is The real fundamentals of finance!

It’s on Wednesday 3 April at Barclays Eagle Labs.

One of the signals that you’re on the path to high growth is when you suddenly start to find business finance sexy. Not all aspects, granted, but this session and its highly experienced panelists will help you understand the areas of focus that will help you fly into the future.

Panellists are:

• Seb Royle, Founder of PLATF9RM

• Hannah Dawson, Founder and CEO at Futrli

• David Biggs, CFO Farewill

• Jonathan Grant, Partner at DMH Stallard

Asking the questions will be Si Conroy from Scarlet Monday

We’ll be discussing:

• Finance for all: It’s when all the members of your team start to embrace the financial fundamentals that you know things are starting to shift

• Sales and finance: Seemingly strange bedfellows, when you get a finance team that can talk the language of sales and then take it to the next level, all manner of magic can happen

• What’s key? Those who have ‘been there and got the t-shirt’ know that the real fundamentals of finance that matter aren’t necessarily what you’d expect

• Looking to sell your business? Gain an understanding of what drives valuations.

• Crystal balls and binoculars: Cash is king for a reason. Without it your business does. Get insights on the importance of future-gazing and forecasting.

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Photograph thanks to Simon Callaghan photography. Thanks to the event sponsors Plus Accounting and Barclays Eagle Labs