End unpaid trial shifts in Brighton & Hove

End unpaid trial shifts in Brighton & Hove

BHCC is supporting a local campaign to end the practice of unpaid trial shifts in the city.

Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts’ is a grassroots collective started by students in Brighton & Hove. The campaign group say using unpaid trial shifts during the job application process is unacceptable—a view that councillors endorsed unanimously in a notice of motion last year.

An unpaid trial shift is where an employer fails to pay for work which either makes money from a prospective employee or saves money for the employer. The Government issued new guidance as to what constitutes an unpaid trial shift in December 2018.

We have pledged to look at how we can help end the practice of unpaid trial shifts. From 1 August we will be gathering information from businesses and prospective job applicants to understand the scale and nature of the issue:

Business survey

Workers, students and young people survey

Why the council is taking action

Cllr Amanda Evans, Brighton & Hove’s Lead Member for Community Wealth Building said: “No-one should be expected to work for free so we want to collaborate with businesses and partners to put an end to unpaid labour that is unacceptable, unethical and unfair.

“The initiative is consistent with our support of the Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign and an extension of our commitment to raise standards, celebrate good employers, retain good candidates and ensure all those working in our city can share in the wealth they are helping to create.”

The No Unpaid campaign group says unpaid trial shifts target young people, take advantage of vulnerable job-seekers and allow businesses (including many high street brands) to avoid paying wages, staff training and tax—and are therefore damaging the UK economy.

Of the people who responded to their recent snapshot survey, many reported unpaid trial shifts in the hospitality sector, but also highlighted major high street retailers, as well as other industries including cleaning and care work.

Tourism supports nearly 22,000 jobs in Brighton & Hove, with more than 1,000 businesses involved bringing over £800 million into the local economy. It equates to 7.5% of the tourism economy of the south east region*. An end to unpaid trial shifts in this sector will enable more people to share in the city’s economic success. Community wealth building is an aim of the city’s economic strategy introduced earlier this year.

*Source: Visitor Economy Strategy and Destination Management Plan 2018-2023


Councillor Evans added: “Our surveys will build on the work of the No Unpaid campaign group by giving us local information that we can use to find practical ways of tackling the issue.”

Targeted communication with students and young people will start in September to encourage them to fill in the applicants survey.

Business survey

Workers, students and young people survey

Closing date for our survey is 31 October 2019.

No unpaid campaign

Campaign co-founder Frank Chamberlain said: “The work of young people is demeaned by the concept that we should be asked to work for free. Too many young people, competing in a saturated job market, feel like they have no choice but to undertake unpaid trial shifts, with no guarantee of a job at the end of it. On some occasions, it has become apparent that employers had no intention of offering a job at all.

“Given so many people, young people and otherwise, rely on a secure income, this practice is both unethical and exploitative. We hear horror stories of nine hour shifts and ridiculous anecdotes of compensation being given in the form of bread, beer and even spices. Even short unpaid trial shifts are time-consuming, and force vulnerable jobseekers into working for free. This is not acceptable in today’s society.”

Frank added: “We want ethical employers to help us raise awareness of this unacceptable practice by pledging not to undertake unpaid trial shifts. To date, more than 100 businesses have done so.”

Mark Turner from the GMB trade union said: “This is a very important campaign and the GMB is pleased to be part of it. This arrangement of unpaid trial shifts needs to be totally eradicated because it particularly disadvantages young people within society. We welcome that the council has signed up to this along with the city’s three MPs and we as a union will continue to campaign at a local and national level.”

Unpaid trial shifts can be reported to HMRC who investigate claims on a case by case basis. No Unpaid has simplified this process by providing an easy-to-use complaint letter-generator on its website. ACAS also provide free, confidential help and advice for workers.



Showcasing Career Opportunities in the Hospitality Sector

The Hospitality Sector, with the support of the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), is delighted to launch the first Hospitality Apprenticeship Week. Running from Monday 5th to Friday 9th August, this inaugural event aims to provide a fresh opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships in the sector and to bring the whole hospitality community together to showcase the positive differences that apprenticeships can make to individuals, to their employers and the wider economy and we would like as many businesses as possible to get involved.

The hospitality industry offers some of the most exciting, diverse and rewarding careers in the U.K. It is the 3rd largest sector, employing more than 3.2 million people across every community and it continues to grow. With forecasts identifying the need for an additional 1 million employees over the next two years, we need to consider how these new recruits will be sourced.

Coupled with this, the U.K. Government recently launched its first tourism-sector deal, designed to prepare the country for an expected increase of 9 million visitors per year. Part of the deal will support the creation of an additional 10,000 apprenticeships for people building careers in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Hospitality Apprenticeship Week provides an ideal opportunity for employers to come together and engage with school and college leavers to showcase the variety of career opportunities available within the hospitality sector. One of the key focuses of this campaign is to shift the perception among young people and their parents that hospitality roles are limited to low paid, part-time jobs and to encourage them to recognise that apprenticeships provide multiple opportunities to forge a strong career path, involving a range of invaluable skills.

“There are increasing challenges in recruiting and an expected shortfall in labour, due to demographic changes, both in an ageing population resulting in fewer young people and migration. The industry recognises its responsibility to help improve the image of careers in hospitality and to invest in training and skills development. Apprenticeships are a key part of promoting hospitality as a career of choice and providing an alternative pathway into senior level roles, as well as entry level.”


Trash-to-treasure event helps transform Brighton and Hove from a ‘Food Waste’ into a ‘Food Use’ city

Trash-to-treasure event helps transform Brighton and Hove from a ‘Food Waste’ into a ‘Food Use’ city

Brighton and Hove food businesses received top tips in reducing, redistributing and recycling at a special event to help food leaders play their part in tackling the environmental threat presented by food waste.

The event, organised by Brighton & Hove Food Partnership with the Surplus Food Network, generated a host of ideas to help Brighton and Hove transform into a ‘food use’ city. It also marked another step forward in the city’s efforts to be named the UK’s first gold-awarded Sustainable Food City.

Food waste has been described as an environmental, moral and financial scandal. Wasting food has a huge impact on carbon emissions because of all the energy that is used in its production, transportation and processing. If global food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the USA and China.*

Recycling as a last resort

The event, ‘Turning trash into treasure: rethinking food waste’, was held at the Brighthelm Centre in central Brighton. It saw 100 city caterers, retailers, food producers, suppliers and manufacturers, and the managers of cafes, hotels and pubs hearing the case for prioritising reducing food waste, before redistributing and repurposing it – and only finally recycling it as a last resort, instead of disposal.

Participants shared ideas and experiences with inspiring businesses such as Toast Ale, which turns old bread into beer, Moshimo restaurant, which uses food-sharing app Too Good To Go, pop-up surplus food cafe The Real Junk Food Project Brighton and food-sharing app Olio which helps surplus food find a good home.

They also heard practical advice from food waste and sustainability experts, third-sector organisations and policy experts.

Vic Borrill, Director of Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, said:

“This was the latest in a series of events designed to motivate and inspire people to take positive action around food – and this one about taking action around food waste is critical, as the current news declarations of a climate emergency show.

“It was very exciting to see how our city’s food business community embraced the 3Rs of reducing, redistributing and repurposing, leaping at the opportunity to rethink food waste.

“It has given us a wealth of ideas to take forward to deliver a strategy to become a ‘food use’ city, which will be included in our bid to be the UK’s first gold-awarded Sustainable Food City.”

Surplus Food Network

In the last year, event co-organiser the Surplus Food Network has saved over 1,090 tonnes of surplus food from going into the bin by distributing it to people in need.

Beth Parry, Fareshare, said:

“Working as part of the Surplus Food Network has enabled us to prevent more surplus food from going to waste and to feed more people in need.”

Paul Loman, Non-Executive Director of The Real Junk Food Project Brighton, said:

“The Surplus Food Network is a great example of the benefits of collaborative working. The City of Brighton and Hove should be proud of this ground-breaking initiative.”

The ‘Turning Trash into Treasure’ event was supported by recycling company Paper Round and Brighton and Hove City Council.

* Information from WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme.

Follow the conversation around the gold Sustainable Food City bid via #GoldFoodCityBid

Edward Street Quarter to create new social hub for Brighton

Edward Street Quarter to create new social hub for Brighton

Edward Street Quarter, the redevelopment of the ex-Amex House site owned by First Base, will create a vibrant new social hub for the city, placing public space and community at the heart of the scheme.

As the biggest office development to come to Brighton in 25 years, Edward Street Quarter has been designed intentionally to enable collaboration and bring people together across the whole neighbourhood.

Three distinct new greenspaces will encourage play, improve pedestrian connectivity around the area, and provide pleasant places to sit and eat lunch or sip coffee.

A large roof terrace will provide open space for networking events and after-work relaxation – not to mention beautiful sea views.

“We’re excited to deliver a new destination for the city’s local businesses, residents and community members to meet, socialise and ultimately enjoy what we’ve created,” explained Steve Eccles, Project Director at First Base.

“We are in talks with independent retailers, cinema providers, bars, restaurant and cafes, that align with our plans to deliver a lively and attractive place to live, work, play and visit.”

The new neighbourhood will deliver 110,000 sq ft of commercial space, 39,000 sq ft of retail and leisure units and 168 new apartments.

For more information, please visit edwardstreetquarter.com.

A new website and branding for Brighton Chamber

A new website and branding for Brighton Chamber

Brighton Chamber has just launched a new website and new brand.

CEO Sarah Springford said ‘It’s been six months in the making and after everyone’s hard work, we are very happy with the results. Members are telling us that they love the new services and products that we have created for them. The new website and brand better reflects who we are now, what we do and how we do it’

Take a look here.

The identity of Brighton Chamber is special – because Brighton itself is special – and we wanted our brand to reflect that. Designers REBORN worked closely with us to explore what we needed from the rebrand, and we called on Sam Knowles from Insight Agents to workshop all the many aspects of the Chamber and tease out the key stories we needed to tell. We involved our members at every stage.

Andrew Thomas, director at REBORN, said: "The time was right for a rebrand for Brighton Chamber. The public facing image needed to be aligned with the energy and enthusiasm of the Chamber culture. Typographically, we went for something friendly and sophisticated. Brighton Chamber is a professional organisation but it’s also warm and vibrant, so the colour palette is fun but the monogram logo is more serious to reflect the nature of their work."

Madison Web Solutions have delivered a beautiful, functional and slick new website which not only looks great but provides effective new services for members and practical solutions for the team behind the scenes. Judy Yorke from The Sentence Works crafted our website copy and a team of members helped us with testing and feedback throughout the project.

Not only does the site have a completely fresh look, but it delivers new services and features too. Here’s a few things you’ll notice about the new site:

Member Hour - The Member Hour is an opportunity to get free, personal help or advice from another Brighton Chamber member. It helps members connect directly with people in the membership who want their services. Equally, if members have an expertise that they want to showcase and share then it’s an excellent way to promote their services and give something back.

A strong on-line presence for members - The profile pages have been transformed. Using the custom-built Profile Wizard, members can create a profile page to be proud of. New functionality enables customized pages with images, a cover photo and video media. So it’s great for SEO.

We hope you enjoy browsing and if you’d like to be part of the Brighton Chamber business community and would like to find out more get in touch with Amy Lishman at Amy@BrightonChamber.co.uk

Visit England launches business advice hub

Visit England launches business advice hub

Free resources, case studies and practical tips to help tourism businesses grow are provided in Visit England’s new business advice portal. Topics covered include preparing for Brexit, attracting international visitors and making your business accessible. It also provides signposting to funding, training and local support.

The South East has the second highest level of young people working alongside their studies as students look to earn income from their smartphones

The South East has the second highest level of young people working alongside their studies as students look to earn income from their smartphones

Young people in the South East are among most likely in the country to have a part-time job, with 55% earning money alongside school or college compared to a national average of 50%, according to research* from LifeSkills created with Barclays. The East of England has the highest level of young people working with 57% while the South West came lowest with 44%.

Nationally, the number of young people with a traditional Saturday job appears to be falling compared to previous generations, as tech savvy teenagers turn to online ventures to boost their income.

Paper rounds, babysitting and doing odd jobs are falling out of favour with younger people, as they increasingly focus on their studies and look for highly flexible forms of work that fit around their education.

An estimated 670,000 of UK students (aged 14-21) now regularly make money through online avenues, with buying and selling products online (such as clothes) becoming more popular than babysitting or dog walking as a way of making extra cash. These online ventures are collectively worth £11million a year to the UK economy.

Overall, the research** found that nationally, just half (50%) of young people in education currently have a part-time job, compared to previous generations (68%). On average in the UK, young people between 14-21 years who have a part-time job work 8 hours a week and earn £62.50 a week – adding up to over £162million a week.

Motivations and challenges to working

Across the UK, young people say the main reason they have a part-time job is because they want some financial independence, to gain experience to improve their CV and skills, along with the chance to meet new people.

However, the reasons cited for not working part-time are:

• 44% don’t have a job because they get an allowance or income elsewhere such as pocket money from parents.

• 44% say they need to focus on their school work rather than work.

• 22% of young people without a job want to earn money but don’t know where to start.

• 17% say there is a shortage of part-time employment opportunities in their area and 16% have applied for work but were unsuccessful.

The next generation could be missing out on vital skills as a result, with young people who do have part-time jobs ranking responsibility, communication and teamwork as the top three skills gained from this experience.

Online part-time jobs and the changing world of work

The national picture shows that a desire for greater flexibility coupled with advanced digital skills is driving many young people to find new ways of making money through part-time activities.

While half (50%) of the previous generations said they worked in a shop or business when they were teens, in comparison just 37% of young people with jobs do the same today. Shop work is still the most popular type of job for young people followed by manual work, and online ventures are growing in popularity.

Of those earning money through an online job or project, over four in ten (44%) say they do this over traditional work because it provides them with more flexibility and 30% say their skills are better suited to earning money this way.

Meanwhile, a fifth (21%) say they choose to work online because there is a shortage of traditional jobs in their area, and a further 19% say it allows them to be more entrepreneurial.

Kirstie Mackey, Head of LifeSkills created with Barclays said: “The nature of part-time jobs may have changed from thirty or forty years ago, but they remain a crucial way for young people to strike out on their own and gain the valuable skills and experience they will need for the rest of their working lives.

“It’s really encouraging to learn that so many young people are finding new routes, other than traditional part-time work, to boost their experience, skills development and earnings while being able to plan their hours around their studying. Parents, educators and businesses can also help them to kick-start their career skill set before they’ve even left school or college. Barclays LifeSkills can support with that, offering lesson plans and interactive tools on how to build key employability skills.”

Baroness Karren Brady CBE, Chair of the LifeSkills Advisory Council, said

“The humble Saturday job can be the start of great things. My part-time job at a hair salon taught me the skills that put me on the path to a successful career in business; problem solving, proactivity and hard work. Your first job is more than just a point for your CV, it’s a life lesson.

“Finding a job alongside school or college isn’t as simple as it was in the past, but the opportunities out there are evolving quickly. I recommend that every young person think about taking on work while still studying; whether it is cashing up in a shop or selling your creations online, the experience will have valuable things to teach you.”

Supporting young people to be successful in the future workplace, LifeSkills created with Barclays offers advice and guidance online to help young people prepare for their future careers, including a virtual work experience tool. Here are some top tips from Head of LifeSkills, Kirstie Mackey on how to prepare yourself for the world of work:

Top tips:

1. Know your skills

Identifying your skills is really important when you’re deciding which career is right for you. Try taking the Barclays LifeSkills Wheel of Strengths test to find out where your strengths lie.

2. Do your research

Doing your research is essential as you begin your job search – but you don’t have to do this on your own. Check out Barclays LifeSkills’ online Advice Map, and interactive tool to help you find the right advice from the right places.

3. Get interview-ready

Interviewing can be one of the most important (and nerve-wracking) parts of applying for a new job. Use LifeSkills’ Virtual Interview Practice tool to prepare and hone your skills.

A collection of interactive tools and tips on everything from CV writing and interviewing skills, to building enterprise and business skills is available online at www.barclayslifeskills.com/.

Jack Dares Young people of Sussex to Dream

Jack Dares Young people of Sussex to Dream

Jack the Lad, famous for his award-winning breakfast show and interviewing the likes of Ricky Gervais, Colin Firth and Danny de Vito who joined the award-winning team at the Love Local Jobs Foundation CIC has delivered his first Dare to Dream session.

Joining Orminston Six Villages Academy for an enrichment day titled The Girls and Boys Conference, Jack delivered two inspirational and motivational sessions. He spoke of his journey from council life estate to becoming the third longest serving radio host, dropping useful life anecdotes throughout.

Jack shared stories from his childhood poverty and experiences from schools, to show the students that they can “dare to dream” and anything is possible if they set their minds to it. Jack spoke of the importance of humility, empathy, communication skills and grasping every opportunity possible.

Mr Anthony J Ender, who organised the school’s enrichment day said, “It was amazing to hear Jacks stories from growing up to celebrity interviews. He was fun engaging, and all the students enjoyed his talk. I feel he left an impression on our community and we would love to work with The LoveLocalJobs Foundation CIC again”

Jack said “It was fantastic to get in-front of the students to share my story, offer some pointers and give them advice on how maybe changing their way of thinking to a more positive one as they move forward. It is an amazing thing to be asked to do. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning in Chichester and was made very welcome. I am truly loving the opportunity and can’t wait to meet more of Sussex’s young people”.

Dare to Dream has been made possible through the local generosity and philanthropy of local businesses. Rivervale, Golden Lion Group, Fireco and TSS are the first confirmed sponsors of Dare to Dream but there are still opportunities to support this initiative. If your business would like to get involved in this exciting project, please get in touch by emailing info@lovelocaljobs.com.

Gatwick Airport publishes its Final Master Plan

Gatwick Airport has published its Final Master Plan which confirms plans to take forward the sustainable development of the airport.

In October 2018, our Draft Master Plan consultation set out three scenarios for future growth:

1. Using new technology to build capacity and resilience on the main runway;

2. Bringing the existing standby runway into routine use for departures only alongside the main runway by the mid-2020s;

3. Recommending planning policy continues to safeguard land for an additional runway.

GA received more than 5,000 responses to the 12-week public consultation and are encouraged that two-thirds (66%) of respondents supported the principle of growing Gatwick by making best use of their existing runways, in line with Government policy.

As a result, the airport will progress with plans to introduce new technology to build capacity and resilience on their main runway. GA is also announcing today that they will prepare a planning application to bring their standby runway into routine use.

The innovative proposals for the standby runway will deliver additional capacity at the airport that enables GA to balance operational resilience and sustainable growth. As one of the biggest private investments in the region, the scheme will deliver greater connectivity, a better passenger experience through greater competition, and an economic boost that secures jobs and opportunities for generations to come. These benefits can all be delivered while keeping the airport’s noise footprint broadly similar to today’s levels, and with minimal disruption to neighbours and the environment.

The consultation report, also published today, provides extensive feedback on the consultation and those views will help shape plans as they prepare a Development Consent Order (DCO) – a rigorous planning process that will include further engagement and public consultation next year and culminates in a final decision by the Secretary of State. GA will now carry out a number of detailed studies to assess the impacts and benefits of our proposals before consulting the public again next year.

GA are also recommending that national and local planning policy continues to safeguard the land that would be required for a new runway, should it be required in the longer-term. However, GA reiterate today that they are no longer actively pursuing plans for an additional runway.

You can also sign up to the community newsletter at www.gatwickairport.com/communitynewsletter

Cardinal Newman Catholic School welcomes parents and neighbours to consultation event

Cardinal Newman Catholic School welcomes parents and neighbours to consultation event

Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove discussed plans for a new all-weather astroturf pitch with parents and neighbours at a consultation event held at the school last week.

The drop-in exhibition offered a detailed look at the plans as well as the opportunity for any questions to be answered by the school’s senior leadership team and project architects, Brighton firm Morgan Carn.

The school’s Principal, Dr James Kilmartin, said, “It’s been a pleasure to talk about our exciting new plans to improve our sports facilities with parents and neighbours. The response has been supportive and we’ve appreciated the chance to address a few important matters face-to-face.”

Attendees were pleased to hear that all existing trees will be preserved as recommended by a recent arboriculture report.

The school governors clarified that the proposed new pitch will be within the walled grounds immediately south-west of the school and will not encroach on the adjacent BHASVIC playing field. They also explained that the school is keen to offer use of the new pitch to local primary feeder schools, as well as to various youth sports teams in across the city.

Dr Kilmartin continued, “With our plans still at an early stage, we wanted to hear the community’s ideas and aspirations for the site so we could incorporate their advice into the proposal.”

Cardinal Newman Catholic School will shortly submit a planning application to Brighton & Hove City Council for the installation of the playing surface with associated changing facilities.

For more information and to view the plans, please visit the school website: www.cncs.co.uk.

Clean growth and transport among new Greater Brighton chairman’s priorities

Clean growth and transport among new Greater Brighton chairman’s priorities

Clean growth, creating world-class digital infrastructure and tackling transport issues - those are the priorities of the new chairman of Greater Brighton as he pledged to continue to push for investment in and recognition of the City Region.

Cllr Dan Humphreys, who is also leader of Worthing Borough Council, was voted in as the figurehead for the City Region and its near one million residents at a board meeting this week (July 16, 2019).

In setting out his ambition for the next 12 months, Cllr Humphreys said he was proud of the achievements of Greater Brighton so far, pointing to the more than £150 million of funding it had secured since being founded five years ago.

He added that it was up to the new board to build on these foundations to ensure this functioning economic area - stretching from Brighton north to Gatwick and across much of the Sussex coast - continued to thrive.

Central to that was promoting the region’s identity and strengths to a wider audience while ensuring a united voice for investment was presented by representatives of the area to key decision makers in the government.

Speaking after being voted in by his peers, Cllr Humphreys said: “In the time I have been involved with Greater Brighton it has come a long way. We are growing, with Crawley joining last year and Arun coming on board soon, which means we are getting to the stage where we can really start to compete with the larger city regions of the north and midlands.

“With a population of nearly one million, three fantastic universities and an excellent skills base it is clear that we can continue to do some great things in our area.

“Greater Brighton is all about recognising that the economy knows no boundaries. We all have shared housing, transport and employment needs which can only be addressed by working together. The whole really is greater than the sum of the parts.

“Brighton and Gatwick are our two biggest international brands so we must continue to use those to get our message across a national audience but we have but so much more going on across our own communities that we can tease out.”

Greater Brighton, which was formed in 2014, is home to more than 900,000 people with 340,000 jobs in 40,000 businesses creating a diverse, vibrant, economic community.

It is made up of six local authority areas across Sussex - the districts of Mid Sussex, Adur, and Lewes; the boroughs of Worthing and Crawley; and the city council of Brighton & Hove. Arun District Council, which covers the towns of Bognor, Littlehampton and Arundel, is also set to join in the coming year.

In addition, education providers the Universities of Sussex and Brighton and the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College are on the board as are several business partnerships and other bodies including Gatwick Airport and the South Downs National Park Authority.

The Centre for Cities has rated the City Region in the top five for jobs growth in the last 10 years and 37,000 more jobs are expected to be created by 2030.

Cllr Humphreys said among his priorities for the next year included ensuring ‘clean growth’ - which looked to create homes and jobs while protecting the environment for future generations; supporting the creative and digital industries, which is one area where Greater Brighton is leading the way on across Europe; and improving transport infrastructure, particularly the key issues of the Brighton Mainline and A27.

Cllr Humphreys said: “I hope everyone on the board share those priorities and believe we can crack on and do fantastic things over the next few months.”

Cllr Humphreys welcomed the new members of the board, which include Cllr Nancy Platts (Leader of Brighton & Hove); Cllr Phelim Mac Cafferty (Leader of the Opposition, Brighton & Hove); Cllr Jonathan Ash-Edwards (Leader of Mid Sussex) and Cllr Zoe Nicholson (Leader of Lewes)

He then praised his predecessor Cllr Garry Wall, the outgoing leader of Mid Sussex District Council, for his work over the last 12 months.

Cllr Humphreys said: “Garry brought real energy to the role and was instrumental in developing a five year vision for the City Region which gives us some crucial things to work towards as a collective.

“I’m looking forward to working with partners to build on that and deliver on the things that matter for our residents and businesses.”

Family-run Sussex bakery celebrates 10 years

Family-run Sussex bakery celebrates 10 years

Founder retires and sells shares to co-owner son, Jeremy

Worthing-based family-run artisan bakery Raise Bakery celebrated ten years in business on 11 July with a party for friends, clients, partners and family at the Nightingale Rooms, Brighton. The mother and son business founders and owners, Lindsay and Jeremy Jacobs, also announced Lindsay’s retirement at the party and confirmed that she has sold her remaining shares to her son.

Party guests saw Lindsay sign the legal documents handing her half of the business to Jeremy. She plans to still be involved with product development, however this marked the end of her day to day role and the start of her retirement alongside husband Trevor, who retired earlier this year and has been operations manager for the business since it was incorporated.

Now Jeremy Jacobs has full ownership of the bakery and responsibility for its five staff and four bakers, and hopes to carry Raise’s established success into the future. He has ambitious plans to continue to grow within the wholesale and food service markets and is considering launching a retail range of Raise Bakery products.

Guests at the party enjoyed a range of baked goods from Raise, as well as an entertaining performance from local drag artist, Kara Van-Park.

Jeremy Jacobs, co-founder and now 100% owner at Raise, comments: “There isn’t anyone else I’d have rather started this business with other than my mum, and it’s been a pleasure to work with her every day for the past 10 years. Taking on the business by myself is a daunting task, but I’m excited for Lindsay to enjoy her retirement - and I have a strong team of bakers behind me so am looking forward to see what the next ten years holds for Raise!”

Raise Bakery began in Lindsay’s kitchen in 2009 and now has a factory in Worthing and a team of four bakers. The company now specialises in large scale and wholesale cakes with that “baked at home” taste for a range of customers in the retail, wholesale and airline markets, for brands that have included Virgin Atlantic, No1 Lounges, Netto, British Airways and Qatar Airways.

In the last ten years, Raise Bakery has baked 4.5 million cupcakes and 115 tonnes of cookie dough.

Lindsay Jacobs, co-founder at Raise, now retired added: “It’s crazy to think that the business Jeremy and I started from my kitchen has turned ten. It is a bittersweet birthday for me to celebrate as I step down as co-owner and into retirement, but I’m so proud of what we’ve created together, and have every faith in Jeremy to build on this first decade. I am now planning new adventures in my retirement with my husband Trevor, starting with a boat cruise in Scandinavia.”

Plus X Brighton Reaches The Top

Plus X Brighton Reaches The Top

Building construction for brand new Innovation Hub marks major milestone

The team behind the first ever Plus X Innovation Hub in Brighton is celebrating a major milestone in building progress, ahead of its official opening in January 2020.

Construction for Plus X Brighton has reached the top of the building, marking a significant moment in its development.

Plus X transforms places, creating spaces that unlock potential, driving business growth and innovation, community collaboration and positive social impact.

In partnership with specialist regeneration developer U+I, Plus X hubs will be launching across the UK, evolving an existing site at the Central Research Laboratory, London and soon to be launched Plus X Brighton early next year.

The Plus X formula blends flexible work spaces with a wealth of facilities and support. These include media studios, prototype workshops and product labs, integrating innovation programmes, start-up accelerators and access to Plus X business growth services from marketing to team talent experts.

Over 7 floors and 53,000 sq. ft, Plus X Brighton will accommodate more than 550 people, attracting a wide community of members including freelancers, start-ups, scaleups, corporates and education partners.

Driving education and skills training through strong college and university partnerships is key to the unique Plus X formula. This approach is coupled with a commitment to deliver a positive social impact in every new Plus X location, working with members, community and government to help resolve local challenges.

As Plus X Co-CEO, Paul Rostas explains “We are excited to mark this important milestone in the construction of Plus X Brighton. Our first innovation hub will play a vital role in enabling entrepreneurs, established business, education partners and communities to thrive and prosper through a unique blend of inspiring space, world class facilities and curated collaboration”

Richard Upton, Chief Development Officer at U+I adds: “Innovation is an integral part of our business. We exist to unlock potential and drive growth into mixed-use regeneration by breathing new life into neglected or underestimated places. The first Plus X will open at Preston Barracks in Brighton in early 2020 and we have also submitted planning for a purpose-designed facility at The Old Vinyl Factory. This is just the start, as we plan to develop further Plus X holdings at other major regeneration projects. This concept delivers substantial wash over of value to our wider regeneration activity and we believe it is the first of its kind in our industry. Every Plus X building will embrace beautiful architecture, inspirational interiors and deliver substantial economic growth”.

A wealth of world class services and customised facilities will be on offer at Plus X Brighton including:

● Blended work space incorporating hot desks, fixed desks, dedicated studios, meeting rooms, video conference booths, event space, quiet zones and an outdoor roof terrace to enhance member cohesion and space to develop ideas.

● Prototyping studios for product processing, testing and assembly, featuring the latest 3D printers, CNC milling machines, laser cutters, spray booths & microelectronics workshops.

● Soundproofed podcast facilities with state of the art digital, image and video facilities.

● Business innovation programmes led by expert and experienced innovation teams, connecting major corporations with the talent and skills of Plus X members and education partners.

● Accelerator and innovation programmes designed to drive business growth & resilience for business start-ups and scaleups

● The first Platinum standard WiredScore building in Brighton offering ultra-reliable and super-fast internet connectivity.

Furthermore, Plus X Brighton is aiming to be the first innovation hub of its kind to focus on business growth through the international WELL building standard that drives human success through positive physical and mental health. Features include a café with a natural menu designed to enhance productivity, ample natural light, biophilia, meditation and yoga classes, aromatherapy infused rooms and access to open outdoor roof terrace space for quiet contemplation.

From solar roof panels, a zero to landfill policy, green electricity and regional suppliers including milk delivered from local farms and Direct Trade coffee from Red Roasters, Managing Director for Plus X Brighton, Olga Hopton is dedicated to ensuring the new building is sustainable – reducing the carbon footprint and supporting local suppliers where possible.

“I am looking forward to building Plus X Brighton into a place that maximises both purpose and productivity” she explains. “whilst integrating world leading facilities, services and a pioneering attitude to help our members collaborate and thrive, we are committed to delivering a positive impact through connecting with local business and community”.

Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive at Coast to Capital, said: “Greater Brighton is one of the fastest-growing city regions in the UK, rated in the top five for jobs growth in the past five years and one of the best places to start a new business. Home to the University of Brighton, the city has an entrepreneurial and innovative edge which has led to the emergence of a world-renowned creative and digital tech cluster.

“The Preston Barracks project will transform Lewes road into a new, state of the art facility which will enhance the offer for local students and support business growth. We are delighted that our £7.7 million LGF investment has helped to get the project off the ground and the topping out ceremony of the innovation hub Plus X is a key milestone in the development. We are excited to see future developments as they arise.”

*Upcoming Event* The Visitor Economy of the City and Circular Economy

*Upcoming Event* The Visitor Economy of the City and Circular Economy

Following the publication of the Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) Economic Strategy in December 2018, Circular Brighton & Hove have been working with the council to deliver on its commitment to “Create a Circular Economy (CE) Framework, incorporating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for key themes for the Brighton & Hove Region”. Over the last 2 months, through internal BHCC officer and external workshops, we have focussed on two themes, the Built Environment and the Visitor Economy. For the former we held an event on 11th June, in conjunction with the University of Brighton, BHCC and Design Brighton, where over 80 stakeholders explored how to Construct a Circular City.

Our focus is now on “the Visitor Economy of the City and Circular Economy”, the event will be held at the Grade 1 list Royal Pavilion in Brighton, on 31st July (open to all, but focussed on museums, hotels, restaurants and performance and activity spaces) to explore what CE and the Visitor Economy is and how we might be able to plan for the future.

The day will be split into two parts.

Part 1: The Circular Economy and businesses 14.30 - 17.30

Focussed on museums, hotels, restaurants and activity spaces, we will have a couple of key note speakers to explore how the Visitor Economy and CE can be natural bedfellows, followed by workshops

Part 2: Can we ever have sustainable tourism 18.00 - 20.30 - open to all

Panel debate followed by speed network, drinks and nibbles

This is a partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council, Visit Brighton and Brilliant Brighton – the name given to the Brighton BID (Business Improvement District) and Circular Brighton & Hove.

Please register at Eventbrite .



One of the Port’s newest commercial developments has reached the half-way point in its construction this week. Following the removal of external scaffolding on Monday, Pilbeam Construction have announced that Hove Enterprise Centre Extension (HECE) is on track to be completed by November this year, adding four more units to the Port’s growing property profile that includes the new Lady Bee Enterprise centre which had its grand opening last month.

HECE’s exterior is taking shape, with the roof and outside panelling nearing completion as well as the windows and outer doors being currently installed, the external structure being set to be completed later this month. Previously used as parking land, this new commercial/office development will be found next to Maritime House located in the East Arm of the Port, with the units covering just over 1,500sqft each.

Solar panels are fixed in place on the building’s roof in conjunction with the Port’s commitment to renewable energy in all future property developments, furthered by the installation of electric vehicle charging points, cycle storage and on-site recycling storage facilities, as well as a reduction in the units’ water consumption through the use of practical and hygienic water saving measures such as flow restrictors, water efficient white goods and dual flush toilets.

The building works now continue with the internal fit-out, beginning with the application of intumescent fire protectant to the units’ steel frames, followed by the erection of the internal metal stud partitions. Mechanical and electrical fittings on the ground floor will be installed shortly after.

The new two-storey development will allow the building to sit comfortably within both its immediate context and the wider community. The four units are of a similar size, each with a mezzanine level and double-height entrances. Once completed, the HECE will add four further tenants to the Hove Enterprise Centre tenant community, bringing up the total amount to 29 units.

Simon Pilbeam, Managing Director at Pilbeam Construction commented “We are delighted to be delivering this project for Shoreham Port and their consultant team following on from the Lady Bee Enterprise Centre, and we hope to continue delivering high quality builds for them into 2020.”

Tim Hague, Director of Property & Development at Shoreham Port commented “I am happy to report that property development is in excellent shape across the Port, with the recent completion of LBEC and HECE hitting the half-way point in construction this week. While many units have been allocated, tenant spaces are still available, so please contact Oakley for more details.”

Barclays on the front foot: Bank visits 25,000 small businesses across the UK in a single day to help support them through Brexit

Barclays on the front foot: Bank visits 25,000 small businesses across the UK in a single day to help support them through Brexit

Barclays mobilised its 1,500 Business Banking relationship managers to visit 25,000 small and medium sized businesses in a single day, to give support on preparing for Brexit.

On Wednesday 10th July, Barclays On the Front Foot was a UK wide initiative that saw Barclays making personal visits to 25,000 SMEs to help them become Brexit resilient.

On high streets and industrial estates up and down the country the team listened to the concerns of small businesses, and offered support and practical solutions for the challenges they face such as managing cash-flow, finding labour, and exporting goods abroad.

Ian Rand, Chief Executive of Barclays Business Banking, said: “Barclays is proud to have one of the biggest networks of relationship managers of any high street bank. We know that SMEs want to hear from local experts on the ground in their communities, which is why our colleagues went out and about to help businesses in towns and cities across the country, opening up the conversation. From planning to resilience, our team is helping SMEs - the lifeblood of our economy, to navigate any changes.”

Barclays is backing small businesses through Brexit and beyond with a package of support including a £14.2bn dedicated lending fund to help SME’s to succeed and flourish, and the delivery of over a hundred Brexit clinics and seminars run in local communities across the country.

Regular free digital webinars on a host of topics including fraud prevention and Brexit preparedness are also available for businesses, and they can find information on how to plan for when the UK leaves the EU at www.barclays.co.uk/business-banking/brexit

Top 5 Brexit concerns we hear from small business:

1) Will Brexit affect my labour supply?

Consider how staff shortages would impact your business, and whether you employ a high percentage of people from the EU. Help your staff by ensuring they are aware of the EU settlement scheme.

2) How can I access additional finance to see me through any turbulence?

Contact your bank and ask what support they are providing for small businesses. Barclays has a £14.2bn dedicated lending fund to help SME’s thrive through Brexit and beyond, and could provide up to £100,000 in unsecured lending within days.

3) How will currency movements affect my business?

It pays to keep track of exchange rates, and businesses that trade regularly overseas should consider how currency movements might affect their revenue and their costs. Barclays accounts are available in 20 of the most commonly used currencies, with no minimum balance, allowing businesses to transfer funds when it’s most cost effective for them.

4) Will my cash flow support me through Brexit?

A cash flow forecast can benefit your business – it can warn you of challenges ahead, help you achieve steady growth and steer you through a downturn. If your forecast shows a cash squeeze is on the horizon, extra funding such as an overdraft or loan can see you through. Check out Barclays tips on mastering cash flow management for help getting started.

5) Is my supply chain at risk of disruption?

Businesses should consider whether they have any EU suppliers in their supply chain, and whether they are taking the necessary steps to plan for all eventualities. It pays to plan ahead and there is lots of good advice on the gov.uk website.

British Airways is facing a record breaking £183 million fine for their GDPR security breach last year.

British Airways is facing a record breaking £183 million fine for their GDPR security breach last year.

The fine comes in the same week that Marriott are to be fined nearly £100m after 339 million guests personal data was stolen by hackers. We don't want you to be next!

Protecting personal data is now a legal requirement of all businesses in any sector - whether you process data online or in person. It is vital that all staff understand the laws and how to act within them. Understanding GDPR can be confusing, with conflicting advice on what the regulations mean.

Learning Curve Group offer an accredited qualification in Understanding Data Protection and Data Security - which is essential for all staff who process or handle data.

The course will give learners an understanding of the laws and regulations, and tips on keeping data secure. The course covers:

• Current data protection legislation, and how it is applied

• Organisational procedures concerning data

• Possible threats to ICT systems and data, and how to protect against them

• Consequences of not protecting data, and the impact of possible breaches

Even better - the course is offered at no-cost as it's funded through the government adult education budget. To enrol, please contact a member of our team or fill out either of the below booking forms and we'll be in touch.


01388 741 336

Register Here

All we need from you is a 90 minute induction at your place of work for a minimum of 8 learners. From then on all learning will be at a distance - the course can be completed either online or via a paper-based workbook.

Brighton’s Burning the Clocks celebrated in special set of Royal Mail stamps

Brighton’s Burning the Clocks celebrated in special set of Royal Mail stamps

New stamp collection by Royal Mail depicts the much-loved winter solstice event, along with other “curious” UK customs

Royal Mail today (9 July) revealed eight colourful and engaging illustrations, depicting and capturing the spirit of well-known, and some not so well-known, annual customs that take place around the UK.

Amongst this eclectic mix of customs and festivals is Burning the Clocks, organised by local community arts charity Same Sky. Celebrated since 1993, the annual procession has become an iconic part of Brighton’s calendar and is open to all, promoting a feeling of community pride and togetherness.

Participants carry the paper and willow lanterns they’ve made through the streets and down to the beach. There, the lanterns are passed onto a bonfire, allowing time for reflection and thought to mark the year’s end, and celebrations continue with fireworks. The symbolism of ‘time passing’ is appropriate to the date, 21 December, being the shortest day of the year.

John Varah, Same Sky artistic director, said: “Each year, Burning the Clocks is kept alive through the generosity of local residents, businesses, sponsors and volunteers. It is, and continues to be, an event for the community, by the community – and an uplifting antidote to the excesses of a commercial Christmas.”

“All of the stamps in the Royal Mail’s latest series serve as a reminder of this community spirit and of the power of bringing people together. Burning the Clocks is a relatively modern custom but one that we hope will continue for years to come, so we’re delighted this has been recognised and celebrated within this unique collection.”

Many of the customs involve dancing, singing, dressing up and – literally – playing with fire. The other curious customs depicted on the stamps are:

• ‘Obby ‘Oss, Padstow

• World Gurning Championship, Egremont

• Up Helly Aa, Lerwick

• Cheese Rolling, Cooper’s Hill, Brockworth

• Halloween, Derry/Londonderry

• Horn Dance, Abbot’s Bromley

• Bog Snorkelling, Llanwrtyd Wells

Royal Mail worked with award winning folklorist, Steve Roud, on the stamp issue. Some customs are often geared to natural stages of the year, or seasons, while others are linked to religious festivals and saints’ days, sporting events or specific occupations.

Philip Parker, Royal Mail, said: “Communities throughout the UK have been coming together for centuries to share distinctive traditions and mark key dates of the year. These customs continue to evolve, and our new stamps celebrate their diversity and the communities that maintain them.”

To accompany the stamp issue, Royal Mail commissioned a poem by performance poet, Matt Harvey. Entitled, ‘Customs and Exercise’, the poem celebrates and commemorates the eight UK customs featured on the stamps.

Customs and Exercise by Matt Harvey

No matter what the custom is

We’re accomplices, not customers.

Magnificent participants in quirky endeavour

In curious costumes in inclement weather.

We’re guisers, we’re teasers, we’re chasers of cheeses

Boat-builders, clock burners, we’re vampires, we’re gurners.

We’re match-striking Vikings, we’re antler-lockers

‘Obby ‘Oss swoopers, Elfan safety snook-cockers.

We’re Cheerleaders, chortlers, we’re snorkelers, bog-sodden

We’re Ghouls in cagoules, fools ancient and modern.

It’s a dance with the past, it’s a craic, it’s a laugh.

Connection in every direction, belonging.

We might get a pint and an off-colour song in.

But what can get lost in the mist and missed in the fuss

Is that at the heart of all these customs

Is us.

The stamps and a range of collectible products are available now from www.royalmail.com/curiouscustoms, by phone on 03457 641 641 and from 9 July in 7,000 Post Offices throughout the UK

Cardinal Newman Catholic School unveils plans for all-weather sports pitch

Cardinal Newman Catholic School unveils plans for all-weather sports pitch

Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove has announced plans to improve its sports facilities with the installation of an all-weather astroturf pitch and changing facilities.

In addition to allowing its own students more opportunities to play a variety of sports throughout the year, the school is keen to offer use of the new pitch to local sports teams across the city.

The school’s Principal, Dr James Kilmartin, said, “We know from our own experience and from the findings of the city council, that clubs are under-served in terms of all-weather facilities and we look forward to helping fill the unmet demand for quality artificial grass pitches.

“We are so pleased to bring forward our plans for this new pitch and hope that the availability of an additional all-weather surface will inspire our students and more young people across the city to participate in sport more frequently. We very much hope muddy winter pitches will become a thing of the past!”

Cardinal Newman boasts an excellent sporting record both locally and nationally, including the outstanding success of Newman Rugby Academy who were crowned winners at the AoC National Championships in April 2019 and the Boys Football team who were in the Final of the ESFA U13 National Schools Cup in May 2018.

“We are extremely proud of our student sportsmen and sportswomen and hope the availability of a state-of-the-art pitch will nurture continued dedication to sport at our school,” continued Dr Kilmartin.

Cardinal Newman Catholic School will shortly submit a planning application for the installation of the astroturf surface with associated changing facilities, lighting and fencing on part of the south-facing school field, along Old Shoreham Road.

The school is currently consulting with parents and neighbours ahead of the application being made to Brighton & Hove City Council.

For more information and to view the plans, please visit the school website: www.cncs.co.uk.