Centre for Cities publishes Commercial Property report

Centre for Cities has released a new report on commercial space across the city. For the first time, the report reveals the quantity and quality of commercial space across our cities, with the aim of better informing what commercial space they need as they look to improve the performance of their economies. Given the recent struggles of the High Street and the expected struggles of it in the future, the over reliance of many places on retail space is likely to pose challenges in the coming years, which the report acts as a warning for.

The release focuses on the performance of the High Street across different city centres, and shows Brighton to have one of the lowest retail vacancy rates of all English and Welsh city centres. Our research also shows that Brighton has a strong city centre, with a high share of jobs in exporting businesses, especially high-skilled exporting businesses. Furthermore, Brighton had one of highest jobs growth in the city centre of all English and Welsh cities between 1998 and 2015 (+31%).

To find out more about the performance of Brighton and how it compares to other city, you can use our commercial property data tool, available here:  http://www.centreforcities.org/multimedia/building-blocks-data-by-city/