Sussex Chamber of Commerce Presents 'Better Business for All - Do YOU know your legal requirements and liabilities?'

Better Business for All - Do YOU know your legal requirements and liabilities?

Better Business for All (BBfA) is a programme that brings together businesses and regulators - to consider and change how local regulation is delivered and received. It involves the creation of groups in specific areas that then shape the way support is provided to businesses by local regulators.

Key objectives: The objectives are to provide advice and support to business, increase business awareness of regulatory officers, ensure effective co-ordination across regulatory services, simplify the local regulatory system and processes, and establish partnerships between regulatory services and local businesses. While BBfA is aimed at all businesses, the focus is on smaller businesses, as these generally need the most help to comply with the law.

Our confirmed guest speakers:

Barnaby Brown - Trading Standards - you will learn what approved training packages there are for restaurants, cafes and how to manage allergens.

Sam French - Sam's Kitchen - you will learn how to label your food packaging products and the legal requirements that you have to follow as a food business.

Andrew Gausden - East Sussex Fire and Rescue – you will find out what controls are required for takeaways restaurants, night time economy and outside events.

Leigh George - Allergy UK - Leigh will highlight what controls are needed to ensure that all final products are completely free of a particular allergen. This includes checking that all ingredients and packing materials do not contain certain allergens.

Joanna Hunter – Piglets Pantry Ltd – Joanna will focus on allergens from a Food Producer’s point of view, their challenges and how they handle the food chain process.

Please book your place online or by calling the office on 01444 259259.

Light buffet breakfast will be available.

There is FREE car parking available at this venue.