High growth business event – the future of sales, marketing and influencers is here

High growth business event – the future of sales, marketing and influencers is here

The focus of Brighton Chamber’s next event for high growth businesses will be marketing

We’ve all seen them. Brilliant people launching brilliant products or services that the customers absolutely need/want. And then in a year or so - or sometimes months - they disappear. Why?

Mostly it’s lack of cash. This lack of cash may be from lack of investment, but often that lack of investment has been caused by the same thing.

Regardless of how much you invest in fancy people, business plans, offices, shiny brands, unless customers buy what you’re marketing to them you’re dead.

This is the problem. In a lot of organisations sales and marketing is seen as either a poor relation, a block box of opaqueness that magically produces clients or two siloed divisions that are overpaid or spend too much money.

Our panel has been pulled together as a team of experts successfully driving forward their businesses with superlative marketing and sales. They’ve taken the old models and shaken them up into something that’s often scarcely recognisable.

Join us to:

• understand what a sophisticated marketing and sales ecosystem looks and feels like

• see how content marketing creates relationships both in advance of - and for a long time after the initial sales transaction

• learn how the age of influencer marketing is very much upon us - if not already evolving into something else

• establish what metrics, measures and analytics are vital to judge the effectiveness of the sales and marketing function

• understand the importance of organizational mission and purpose in sales and marketing

• marvel at the array of channels that must be pushed to drive total sales and marketing effectiveness

And there’ll be time for discussion and questions, facilitated by Si Conroy from Scarlet Monday.

Our panellists include:

• Dr Dave Nicol, Founder of VetX

• Marlon Bouman, Head of Creative at All Conditions Media

• Myles Anderson, CEO and Co-founder of Bright Local

• Bethanie Mardon, Marketing Director at RocketMill

Join the discussion about what the future of sales and marketing looks like, and what this means for resourcing these roles. And consider with our panel whether Seth Godin’s assertion, ‘Marketing is the act of making change happen. Making is insufficient. You haven’t made an impact until you’ve changed someone’ is true.

Date: 19 September

Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Venue: Barclays Eagle Labs, BN1 4QU

Tickets: https://high-growth-sales-marketing-and-influencers.eventbrite.co.uk