Catch the Wave – a new business support programme for Brighton

Catch the Wave – a new business support programme for Brighton

Catch the Wave is a new business support programme for anyone in the city who wants to launch and grow a business. It includes affordable workshops, useful resources and expert mentoring sessions.

Designed and delivered by Brighton Chamber, Catch the Wave includes practical, interactive sessions for organisations at every stage of their journey, including:

• Pre-start businesses, to help with getting an idea off the ground

• Start-up businesses, to help with growing and development

• Social businesses, to help with investment and measuring impact

• Businesses who are bidding for contract, to help with tendering and procurement

The programme runs from July 2019 to April 2020.

Mentoring sessions

Attendees of Catch the Wave workshops can book a mentoring session with a business expert across a range of topics from marketing and social media to finance and business law.

Online presence

Businesses that sign up to a Catch the Wave workshop can take advantage of the Viva! Initiative, offered by Brighton-based business, and have a free one-page website.


The programme is supported by Kreston Reeves Accountants and Barclays Eagle Labs and workshops cost £20 each, apart from Smart Bidding which is £10.

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