Can you help the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service?

The East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) is proud and committed to being part of the local community… can you help us, to ensure that the ‘Brighton Tribe’ continues to have a good time?

What are they after? Quite simply – all manner of vouchers, discount codes and prizes from you.

Why do they need them? Simply, to incentivise and reward people who sign-up and are selected to take part in a fun and rewarding research trial to reduce the number of fires in the home – also known as Accidental Dwelling Fires (ADF) -in the local area.

As partners in this way, ESFRS would demonstrate a strong sense of unity in the local community, helping people continue the good times, safely… and they hope you will join us them that aim.

What['s in it for you?  ESFRS will promote and advertise your business for free to over 200,000 people via their online marketing campaign materials!

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