Local Startup Is Raising the Bar for Apprenticeships

A new service has launched in Brighton & Hove to connect local employers with emerging talent, and in doing so is busting the myths associated with hiring apprentices.

Further My Future is raising the bar for bright talent, bold employers and brilliant training providers by creating better employment opportunities for young people, finding and nurturing better talent for employers, and connecting both with the best training providers around.

The startup runs two parallel services. The first is a digital service for young people (typically between 16-24), which matches them to apprenticeship roles that are perfectly aligned with their skills, interests and local job markets, and then prepares them for the workplace via intensive training to boost their employability skills and bridge the gap between educational and professional environments.

Alongside this, Further My Future also offers an innovative recruitment service for employers who want to tap into their pool of diverse, high-potential, job-ready emerging talent. Many local employers who are seeking to strategically grow their organisations are currently working with Further My Future.

Many myths and much confusions still remain around what an apprentice is, who apprenticeships are for and what benefits they can offer employers. By aiming to improve social mobility, better employment opportunities for young people, and better workforce diversity and commercial gain for employers, Further My Future’s service is as innovative as it is ambitious.

As part of this effort to rebrand apprenticeships, the team are attending the Apprenticeships: Busting The Myths events held by Brighton and Hove City Council in partnership with The Sussex Council of Training Providers. The second event, on Tuesday 10th July in Brighton, will focus on providing information to young people, parents and employers alike.

If you’re a parent looking for more information to support your child, stop by the Further My Future stand at either of these events to hear more about their new service. Local businesses can also sign up for the pilot phase where you’ll receive a free consultation to see how Further My Future can help your business attract, train and retain the best emerging talent. Find out more here.