Channel 4 Announces Creative Hub Shortlist

Channel 4 has announced that Brighton and Hove is one of 13 locations to be shortlisted as a potential home for one of its new Creative Hubs. In April, the broadcaster launched its ‘4 All the UK’ strategy and invited pitches from cities and regions across the UK. The company plans to open three new creative hubs, including a national HQ, bringing 300 jobs to the regions. 

The broadcaster said that it received more than 30 submissions in the first round of its relocation process. Brighton and Hove is the only location in the South East to have been shortlisted. The relocation of Channel 4 presents an excellent opportunity for Brighton, including potentially bringing jobs and investment to the city. Channel 4 bosses will visit all shortlisted cities in June and a decision will be made in October. 

The Brighton bid, which has been produced collaboratively by Brighton and Hove City Council and businesses from the creative sector highlighted Brighton’s:

·    Established success in media, digital innovation and the arts

·    Its unique character as a location known for its quality of life and independent spirit

·     Its  excellent transport links the city has nationally and internationally

·     Its close proximity to Gatwick Airport